The role of Aesthetic Surgery in treating localised and diffuse Obesity and in restoring post-slimming body image. Aesthetic Surgery has a fundamentally important role in the treatment of localised and diffuse obesity and in restoring the post-slimming body image, through the use of surgical remodelling interventions such as Liposuction and Derma defatting

The role of liposuction

Liposuction is successfully used not only for aesthetic purposes (Aesthetic Lipo) such as treating localised adipose deposits (culotte de cheval, hips, inner thigh, knee, abdomen, etc.) in the absence of excess weight, but also above all for functional motives (Functional Lipo). Here it assumes a leading role in treating District Obesity (Rhizomelic Obesity, Paralipodystrophy, Lipomatosis, etc.) and associated with Medical-Dietetic-Behavioural treatment and with Bariatric Surgery, in the treatment of Overweight conditions and Full blown Obesity.  

The role of aesthetic surgery

A significant fall in weight (or a cycle of weight excursions) secondary to Bariatric Surgery or to medical therapy, always determines the appearance of skin laxity (more or less severe depending on the size of the weight loss) that mainly manifests itself in the following regions:
  • Abdominal wall (pendulous stomach)
  • Mammary region (mammary ptosis)
  • Crural region
  • Supero – medial region of the arm
Other regions may be concerned: Cervico-facial, Dorso-lumbar, Lower limbs. Restoring the post-slimming body image, the last act in the integrated multi-disciplinary treatment requires the following interventions: Abdominal derma defatting (abdominoplasty), Mastopexis, Crural derma defatting, (thigh lifting) and Brachial derma defatting (arm lifting).

Types of Surgical Procedures