Rhinoplasty permits deformities of the nasal pyramid and septum to be corrected. The cartilaginous osteo gibbus is due to hypertrophy of the nasal bones and of the cartilagines. This is a frequently encountered blemish in men and women and constitutes one of the most common requests for intervention to the aesthetic surgeon. This defect can concern exclusively the nasal pyramid, constituting just an aesthetic problem or it can be associated to alterations of the septum and of the turbinates with consequent respiration disturbances. The therapy is exclusively surgical: rhrinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty. The intervention is performed under general anaesthesia, lasts for around 2 hours and requires hospitalisation for 1 day. Convalescence lasts for around 1 week after which the constriction plate is removed. Physical activity is possible after 15 days and sporting activity after 1 month.


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