Additive Mastoplasty is certainly the most requested intervention from persons who practice physical activity, fitness and body building. Additive mastoplasty in followers of fitness, body builders and generally in all competitive athletes is unlike the traditional intervention in normally structured patients  with normal muscle trophism and a regular representation of subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is because of the marked muscular hypertrophy, the thinness of the cutis and the almost total absence of subcutaneous adipose tissue associated with hypotrophy of the mammary gland. For the surgeon therefore, it represents an intervention not without a few difficulties, both during planning and execution.   Once the planning problems have been overcome, the intervention involves the insertion of silicon gel prostheses through peri-areola incisions or into the sub-mammary groove. The intervention lasts for around 1 hours, hospitalisation for 1 day and then a few days of convalescence. Sports activities can be taken up again after around 1 month.


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